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On Expectations


Our expectations are our internal picture of what we anticipate will happen in future. When our expectations are met we are happy but when not, they set us up for disappointments.

Setting the expectations and giving clarity can be effective in a professional environment. Yet when we do not communicate it or when we set unrealistic expectations it can lead to anxiety frustration & loss of trust.

A few traits to develop that help in handling our expectations better.

Communication : Acing our internal and external communication establishes an understanding of the expectations.

Adaptability : An art of change management. In being adaptable to a new and different reality we learn to manage our expectations.

Kindness & compassion : Both help us hone our attitudes. The way we feel and emote during a challenging moment helps us manage and alter the situation.

Patience : A virtue that helps us to not be too exacting on ourselves and others.

Equanimity : Being non judgmental helps in being less edgy and more balanced in our expectations.

After all…

Less you expect
Less  you worry
Less you stress
More is the faith
More the love
More life


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “On Expectations

  1. Thank you Prashastii.🙏 Have an awesome weekend.🙂


  2. Smiles Dear Savvy Yes All Great
    Virtues to Manage Expectations:
    “Communication, Adaptability,
    Kindness & Compassion, Yes
    Patience, Equanimity”, Now

    At Least After The Working
    World For Pay i’ve Come to
    Demand a Lot From me Yet

    Very Little to No Expectations

    For Any



    To Meet
    It’s Nice to have
    Only a Responsibility
    For Giving Sharing Caring
    Healing And All that Love Jazz Indeed..:)


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