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In synch

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When what you say
And what you do
Are congruent
The effect of your words & deeds
Radiates all around you in resonance.

It’s no wonder then that
In a world that seems so dissonant
Words and deeds need to synch.
In harmony of such synchrony
Faith and trust meet belief
And that’s what makes all the difference.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “In synch

  1. “Faith And Trust
    in Synchrony
    Meeting Belief”

    SMiLes Dear Savvy

    What i Am Sure of Most

    Is i Will Attain This Aim Within
    In Action For All i Do Yet True


    iN A World

    That Doesn’t

    Allow Some Days Even

    Minutes For Introspection,

    Contemplation, Meditation, ToGeTHeR
    Play, For the Joy of Loving Life Being Free

    For So Many Folks Parts

    As Cogs in A Machine

    Someone Else owns

    As i too Lived

    For So


    Decades ‘Fore

    i Surely Will (At Least Do my Best) Not Expect Those
    Folks to Match The Within With the Outside of Life…

    For It’s Honestly True One Must Develop A Within First…

    SMiLes… i Remember So Busy At School, Work For So Many Decades

    A Hurricane Coming Through in 2004, All the Power Going Out Left

    to My Own Device of Soul For A Week Then Within With Nothing Much

    Of Value Innate

    Left At All…

    All Stolen


    Blind of

    Soul’s Thief

    All Externally

    Tool of Machine

    Of Others i had Come
    to Be; Not Even Truly Fully Human Then…

    For Many Folks, it Starts Young; Quiet Hands
    And Feet, Downloading Data Becoming Machine…

    And For me in the Sixties That Was Even Before
    TV Until 7 Years-Old And Surely no Other Screens Attached to…

    Without That Reference

    Point Life

    Is So Very


    For Humans Now

    For Children With Days
    For Soul Building Within;
    To iMaGiNE, To Create, SeeKinG
    Finding Within Soul Far From Lone Blank Slate..:)


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