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Garden of life


The heart feels

The mind thinks

And generates a seed of thought

But the heart is all encompassing

In the core of the heart

Is the garden of life.

The heart is all pervasive

The heart is willingness

It accepts the seeds of thoughts

It colours it with emotion

Sometimes in all its vividity

In the brightest of tints

Or at times in shadowing tones

Between the dark and light of life

The heart nurtures and nourishes

Thoughts seeds to life.

In positively enriching thoughts

It empowers life to evolve .

What truly matters is..

To plant a positive seed in your heart

Allow the mind to help the heart

Discard the unwanted,

Weed out the unnecessary

Trim the excess growth

Support the saplings of goodwill

Balancing between the heart & mind

Every moment of awareness

Can change the course of life!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “Garden of life

  1. Your writing’s always tend to enrich me in some way that is not expected.

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  2. SMiLes You Know It’s ‘Funny’ Savvy For the Longest of Years

    Humans Have had the Illusion in Western Thought

    And Philosophies That Our Rational Mind is in

    Control of Our Decisions Where

    Now Ironically Science

    Shows Now That it is

    Our Emotions and Yes
    Senses All the Dance
    That Moves Us First

    Preceding Most

    All Rational


    Where if Emotions
    Are Absent A Human

    Cannot Even Determine
    What Socks to Wear to Church…

    Sadly the Ignorance Still is Spread
    Even in the Church i Visit by the Priest
    Who Says Love is a Choice and Not A Feeling

    Well… Well… WeLL It’s True the Spirit is in Charge First…

    And the Spirit is A Dance of Life Moving Us Far Beyond Words

    And Decisions

    Or Not

    That Come
    Second in Life

    True our Thinking
    Mind Will Be Kind Servant
    to Our Emotional Mind or

    Slave Lost With Little Bearing

    Of Where We Even Move in life Breathing Dance First…
    Emotions Are the Source the Glue of Cognitive Executive
    Functioning Including Working Short Term Memory.. Long
    Term Memory… Focus too i’ve Had Folks tell me Emotions Are Mush
    And Just For Women… Meanwhile they Complain They cannot Focus…

    Our ‘Rivers’

    Are Dammed
    Nothing Much Gets Through

    FLoWeRinG Rivers of Emotions
    Regulating Emotions And Integrating
    Interrelated Senses In Flow of Dance
    And Song of Poetry Indeed Mastery of Existence..

    Yes Now

    Yes Existential

    Intelligences Will

    Come First for True

    Success in Life Sadly

    Where i am From They

    Come Just About Last

    And People Wonder

    Why The


    Of Our Country

    Overall Is So DiSEASeD Now

    True i fell into the Same Deep
    Pit of Ignorance in Mechanical
    Cognition With Little Soul Abyss Bottomless Pit indeed…

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