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Strength in Vulnerability


We are nature and nature is us .

We are all made of star dust.

We all have our moments in the sun.

We all have our dark moments.

Its not easy for any one of us.

We need not profess to be…

Something we are not.

We need not behave as if we know it all.

Our life is created in every now.

We can alter the way we see life.

And how we choose to live it.

Our attitude is a game changer.

If we allow ourselves to be…

We would bare the truth of our being.

Yes we may be vulnerable.

But in that very vulnerability,

We will find our inner strength.

For truth is liberating in nature.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Strength in Vulnerability

  1. SMiles Savvy Most Often Those Who
    See and Emanate Greater Light

    Have Seen Even Greater
    Darkness And Emanated
    That Too Beyond What




    Yet it is the Same
    For Light There is Some
    Hell and Heaven That is

    Just too Hard to Express
    With Science Even Art

    i have no way to

    A Breath
    of Hell i’ve Breathed

    There are no Words
    Indeed There are No
    Colors of Paint That Will go to that

    Place Not even The Scariest Movie imaginable
    For in that place Terror is Heaven Indeed Places Beyond all Expression

    Yet Truly Good News it is the Same With Heaven Within Not Enough

    Colors of

    to ever

    Finish a


    Art to See Yet You

    See at least there is something to feel

    There is truly no Way to Fear Vulnerable
    if one cannot even

    feel at all…

    Yes there are

    Worst places

    Than Hell

    Beyond All Feelings

    And The place of

    Heaven Within too always more colors to come now

    Every Step a New Dance Every Word A New Song Now… No Particular Reason

    Why Do i ‘Say’ ‘this’ to any Stranger Who Comes my Way i feel no longer just say…:)


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