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Sense of being!


Where is your sense of being?
Your space to make sense of life!

Are you acquainted well and in tune with your habitat?
How well do you know of who you are?
Can you fathom the potential possibilities
Of your ubiquitous and unique life?

Between the known and unknown
Of the simple to the complex
Emerge new patterns in the making
From the reigning confusion in the chaos.

Creating in the exploring
Illusory dimensions in reflections
What is logical and yet elusive
The ambiguity of certainty!
And yet …

Our sense of being, while creating new patterns of thoughts is deeply rooted in nature, and in nurture, which gives it a sense of direction in spite of the chaos and confusion.

It will find its own way!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

17 thoughts on “Sense of being!

  1. again beautiful thoughts and amazing choice of words to convey…did you meant…”in the nature, and in nurture” ?

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  2. I love the images you chose intermixed with this ponderousness and depth of spirit 🙂


    • Great to know that you enjoyed reading this post with the images. Sometimes the picture creates the post and at other times you have to patiently wait while the right picture comes along! Thank you for your kind appreciation.💙🙏💙


  3. Really excited to read this

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