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Still waters run deep


When water is still

There is mystery

In its stillness

Of its depth.

In its state of flow

Water acquires power

As it allows itself to be shaped.

In it is the strength to adapt

To be gentle stream in the flow

Or rise up like the waves

And in its very depth of being

Is a plethora of life’s potential

Thriving in the contentment of balance.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

15 thoughts on “Still waters run deep

  1. Beautiful… Still Waters reminds of an amazing album by the one and only inimitable Bee Gees which has some amazing tracks like Alone… etc. with amazing lyrics…


  2. This is a WOW! Thriving in the contentment of balance — awesome inspiration and the pictures are just so, so, so beautiful. Thank you so much Savvy for all the light you bring with your posts.


  3. Water, the true well of life. So many has been said about it, but we still don’t know anything…

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  4. Lovely, so much to contemplate about water…about how it relates to Nature, Spirit, me…thank you my dear Savvy…blessings and sweetness to you! *willows in mist*

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