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Live Life Lovingly!

On track!

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To all my Care giving friends the lightworkers , the mentors and spiritual guiders, the motivators and healers on their special journey stepping in tandem with their calling! Keep going… you are on track!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “On track!

  1. “To Ease Another Heartache
    Is To Forget One’s Own”

    And How Appropriate
    That Lincoln Will Bring

    These Words

    Dear Savvy

    Coming Out of
    His Darkness As
    So often Folks Who
    Accomplish the Most Do

    When Giving Becomes the Receiving More

    Remembering A Story i Heard About “Colonel Sanders”
    The Nickname of The Man Who Started An Empire

    of “Kentucky
    Fried Chicken”
    Franchises in the
    United States Yet Not

    Until He Felt His Life Was
    Over at 65 Years of Age
    And Was Already
    Ready to

    It Away
    Yet He Persevered Then
    Went Door To Door Selling
    His Special Recipe For Fried Chicken

    And the Man on The Bottom of His Pyramid
    Became A Billionaire By Age 88 With His ‘Kentucky
    Fried Chicken Empire’ And While it’s True Hehe i’m not
    Much One for Eating Fried Chicken And Making More Money

    By Way of
    Work is
    the Last
    Goal of
    Life i Possibly
    See Now It’s Still
    The Healing of Perseverance
    The Will To Survive When We Hit
    Rock Bottom Where We Find DarK

    iS oNly
    Now The
    oF LiGHT New
    For All We Do
    Next Fall to Rise
    Indeed With SMiLes..:)


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