Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Beyond the sum of our senses


Beyond the sum of our senses
Exists a field of potential
Embodying possibilities
Beyond the fear and doubts
Exists a space for courage
Emitting energy  in hope and faith.

Myriad thoughts  may fill our minds
All is an illusion in the imagination 
If we wish to see it so,
There is always  more
Beyond the dark, envisage the light

Unlearn the lessons taught
Invoke  the curiosity of your  inner child
Step back and see the bigger picture
Ray’s of light will find their way!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “Beyond the sum of our senses

  1. Beautiful Double Rainbow Beach
    Imagery Dear Savvy True

    THere Are Rainbows

    After Life’s


    Bringing Real

    Healing Synergies

    That May Never Be
    Exploring in Wonder Till Now

    Coming Out of Darkness Sum
    Greater That Zero Leading
    to All Places Loving MoRE NoW…:)

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    • Couldn’t agree more. Speaking of the Double Arc The last double rainbow I happened to see was while walking in Paris last year just before the pandemic hit the world.
      But I still remember it crystal clear
      For it was the first of sorts for me !!! I was awestruck in rapture in its brilliant beauty.
      What a beautiful day it was … beyond the sum of our senses!

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      • SMiles Dear Savvy
        Extending Two Gifts
        Of Gratitude to You
        On This Sun Day


        Young FRiEnDs

        Extending to me…

        One Still Living:

        “It Would Have
        To Be Beautiful
        Wherever You Live”


        “You Are A Rainbow
        You Bring Hope Each


        The Sweet
        Words my
        Young Indian
        FRiEnD Astha
        Spoke To me
        Shortly Before
        The Delta Variant
        Took Her Life Blessed
        With Everything Except

        A Life

        And Finally
        Thirdly my
        Words: Most Beautiful
        Artists Who Save Lives



        They Measure
        The Beauty of
        Life Saving God

        In LiGHT

        You Are A Scientist
        Dancing Singing Truth🌈

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