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Strength of Perseverance


The flower blooms from a seed
In the power of  perseverance
Because of its strength of purpose
If you believe in your self

You are meant to bloom in time.

Stay determined and focus
Believe you are capable
No matter the situation
Trust your inner reserve
Waste not time in worry
It doesn’t help any way.

And lose not hope.
You are meant to survive the odds
Nothing is achieved by worrying.
For patterns only get complicated.
Keep up with your perseverance

All said and done
Know the strength within you

And remember to touch base
With your own soul song
You have it all within
Such is the power of Perseverance


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “Strength of Perseverance

  1. Stand tall at every open door
    Be aware that it is you
    That must walk through it

    Preparation prepares you
    Decision must propel you
    You are destined to succeed

    All excuses All denials
    All deliberations are before you
    As for me, I only see an open door



  2. Creature And The Sea
    Starting Small Spiral
    Phi Shell Chambers
    Arising More
    of Spirals
    Flow Adding
    More Layers of
    Shell Soul Chambers indeed
    One day Nautilus Complete
    And Now 300 Million Years More
    of Fossil Record Shows Art Of All
    Galaxies… Sun Flowering Existence
    Seeds All Spiral Persevering Now
    Dance And
    Now All Now..:)


  3. Awesome.. Thank you so much.. 🤗🤗

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  4. Superb and awesome poem Savvy 🙏🙏🙏

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