Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Gods Gift


Every moment  in time
Is a gift of God.
In both the so called
Good and bad

The easy and difficult times
There is always  a learning
To sense and understand
To evolve along the path.

Yet I am a lover of the mornings…

It gives me hope to look forward  to
No matter the darkness of the night.
One more chance  to make life better
To share and create
To heal and to help another
There is a beauty in every dawn
The way the sun rises every  day
The way the darkness gives in to light

I am more me in the mornings
I enjoy the waking moments unhurried
I revel in the  now in the  bliss of bless
I witness the dance of light at dawn
As the sun beams its rays across
As earth awakens itself from slumber

The chirping birds fill me with joy
Its not noise to me, its a song
Of  motivation and energy
To carry on through the day.
Mornings share hope for the day
Do give yourself  an early start
Make mornings work for you
Bask in the grace of light.

The Synergy of the sun is upon you!

Know the mornings after a rested night
Are specially conducive to invoke
Your creativity in the things you do
So write create draw paint sing & dance.

Sleep not the mornings away.
What a waste of life’s inspiration  it would  be
Every morning  is a gift to yourself
To unbox and release  hope some more.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “Gods Gift

  1. Breath the energy of a new day
    In the moment
    As I wait for your dance
    Does not my eyes yearn
    are the moments passing
    As I wait for you melody
    To full my ears
    For they strain for your tunes
    Is not my heart awake
    Searching for your direction
    Embrace me in your arms
    Kiss me with the heat of your body
    As I lay here awaiting you
    I seem unworthy
    I seem like you have other things to do
    But come , cast the cold and damp
    From my mind as you rise
    Over the over the earth
    …yet, Once again

    Kiss me now
    That i may feel your heart beat
    While, I contemplate-
    It beats only for me
    When I warmed when your warmeth
    Goes over me… Then I see others
    Loving you –


  2. Sunrise is God’s
    Joy Sunset is
    God’s Rest
    Is God’s


  3. Every morning every moment is a gift indeed! Beautiful photos and poem

    Liked by 1 person

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