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Irony of life


Came across this forward today….paints a very relevant picture of times we live in … do read.

Someone has nicely explained the irony in the present situation:

“ Never have I seen
such a mess in life.

The air is pure but
wearing a mask is

Roads are empty
but it is impossible
to go on long drive.

People have clean
hands but there is a
ban on shaking hands.

Friends have time to
sit together but they
cannot get together.

The cook inside you
is crazy, but you cannot
call anyone for lunch or

Every Monday,
the heart longs to go out, but the weekend does not seem to end.

Those who have money
have no way to spend it.

Those who don’t have
money have no way to
earn it.

The culprit is all around
but cannot be seen.

A world full of irony!
Be positive but test negative.”

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Irony of life

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Indeed Life Is

    Full of Ironies Happy i Am The News
    In the United States is We Who Are

    Fortunate to Be Fully Vaccinated no
    Longer Have to Wear Masks Which

    Is Great For Us Who Believe In Science
    And Do Not Fall to All the Conspiracy Theories
    About Science And Truth in Light in General too…

    Now i am Free to SMile And Breathe Free And
    Sadly The Folks Who Don’t Believe in Vaccinations
    Mostly Don’t Believe in Wearing Masks Either Losing

    Young Friends to the Pandemic And Sadly Hearing Young
    Folks Struggle With Long Haul Symptoms Up Close and
    Personal How


    Are We
    With The Ability
    to Gain Vaccinations
    to Keep Our Loved Ones
    Safe How Sad It is though
    When Other Loved Ones May

    Fall to A Worst Pandemic Now of
    All Irony That Ignorance Harms
    Maims and Kills too Not Only

    Us Yet the Rest of Nature too
    Most We Will Do Is Set a Good
    Example Live And Breathe Love Now For All
    One Living Tree We Will Count on Breathing Free Leaves Now..
    About 27 Percent of my Community Are Fully Vaccinated And
    There is No Waiting in Lines For the Rest to Save Harm And Lives Amongst Their Own Roots..:)


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