Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Your Circle


Who you are becoming

Has much to do with

Who you are being with.

You are bit of all

In between  the Influences

And betwixt the Confluences

Of all the people you meet & interact.

You create yourself 

Carving patterns of your life

With these experiences.

Negate not those who teach you

For learning comes

From all quarters.

Think of  your circle of  life

Pay heed to your circle

Keep it healthy & contribute with grace

Watch it closely and imbibe the good.

Make amends if needed

Rally in strength & power of the circle.

Understand your space in the circle

Choose you circle well!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “Your Circle

  1. And feel like an important player in the game

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  2. Challenging
    It May Be As
    Only A Small
    So Many
    Dark Rooms
    A Flame May
    Light Where
    Opens A
    Door of Many
    Dark Rooms How
    Beautiful it is
    For Then
    The Small
    Flame Will
    Light 10 Times
    And More Dark Rooms
    As Bonfires 🔥 Thriving😊


  3. Savvy Raj:

    We all that know you , choose you…
    We all hear your words through our eyes
    Sifting yet sifting we go on our way
    Mixing with the grouping matter
    Ever there while hard to reach

    In Hope tending and tending
    In expectation we accept the finite thought
    Building one upon the next
    Until the point of synesis
    As river meets river and Love appears

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    • Generous words in the flow!
      Kind of you Lloyd!🙏
      Thoughts come and go
      Like the tides that flow
      Leaving a few words
      That find itself stringed
      Along the way.
      Every thing has a reason to be!


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