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Joy of Giving & Sharing


Every ask has a reason.
Every give fulfills a reason.
What reason it fulfills is another story!

Joy of giving & sharing

When can you give and share with joy?
And what happens when you give and share …

When your cup is overflowing !

A state of abundance
This is an extreme state where you are having so much to give. You are overflowing with possibilities in the potential.
When you give from here,
You may not miss anything.
You may not know the joy of sharing and giving as you have so much more.
Maybe you are giving because you want to get rid of whatever you are giving.
Maybe you want to self balance.
Maybe you want to share with those unfortunate.
Sharing the good always helps.
But do u know if the one you share it with truly wants it or uses it well.
Or do you give no matter
Even if it goes to waste
Because you are overwhelmed. Then that is not giving but discarding.

When your cup is half full!

When you are having some and then you share some, then you are sharing from your heart and brain.
Youunderstand and feel for those in need.
You share because you have something to share, may be not much but you know in your heart
That as you keep sharing you create space for more to come. You are balancing yourself between needs and wants.
You are careful in what you give but you give from your heart, from a space of love.
Such a giving arises from equanimity.

When your cup is almost empty!

When you give from nothing much to give maybe you are hyper extended already.
You may know but choose to ignore it
Else you may be unaware that there is not much left.
In both these cases the giving takes more out of the giver, so much so that it may soon cease.
What can u give when there is nothing to give?
You will give may be beyond your ability but then you will tire soon, feel used and exhausted.
This is a state of tilted balance not a great way to give.

We all may have experienced this at some point or other in our lives.

While giving from a place of love and trust it never goes wrong. We do need to feel the joy in giving. As long as your heart says go on, you must, else notice what’s making your hearts feel different and pay attention. You may learn something more on it!

When the giving & receiving complement each other it is truly ideal. But most often that is not the case.
However, giving is best shared when it comes from a place of trust faith & confidence in the giving that there is always going to be something to give.
When giving is mutual there is a flow and there is abundance.
When giving is from contentment there is gratitude and vis versa.
When giving feels enough it’s best to assess why it feels so!
In greater understanding, the giving flows…

Life is never stagnant
Its meant to flow
Be a giver
Giving always finds itself receiving
Life is a circle.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

24 thoughts on “Joy of Giving & Sharing

  1. Deep meaning and inspirational.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well written Savvy.
    Apt post on Akshaya tritiya day. A day to give, not to hoard. Feeding one hungry soul from the little food you have or giving water to thirsty , worth more than donating lakhs for publicity .
    When cup is full giving is from the mind.
    When it is half filled it is from the heart
    When it is empty it is given out of your nature.

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  3. Good one!
    It’s in giving that you receive!

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  4. half, full, empty, explained dramatic true life lessons… giving is worth ❣️💕🌼


  5. There is a flow there is abundance
    You are giving immense joy thro your lines to others.
    This is a Giving from the heart.
    God bless you mydear.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Shobha. Thank you for thinking so. I am truly glad then that these words are fulfilling its purpose.🙏🏼
      Hope you have a beautiful and loving day ahead!Stay ever blessed 😇


  6. ⚘👌 you are one of the front liner to share the joy of your wisdom here. Keep the spirit and wish you a beautiful week ahead..

    Liked by 1 person

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