Savvy Raj

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On Expressions


An Expression is full of intent
Full of focus and determination
Seems far removed from submission
Let alone the letting go.

And yet in the juxtaposition…
To flow with the eloquence of grace
Exists the enigma of the elusive
The surrealism of subtlety
Of approach & demeanour
Of action and intention.

For in the wisdom of every movement
Is the potential of the now…
To capture or to connect
To be bound or to blend
All is a choice within us.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “On Expressions

  1. Excellent combination !!! Good morning Savvy!!


    The gentle tone of her teaching,
    In wonderous melodies, orchestral knowledge from a sweet teacher,
    Education set by the awareness of harmonizing, delicate instruments,
    Wisdom and foresight, cast by no other judgement but of a conductor,
    Whomst hand leads to the ups and downs of the intensity, recognised

    Ensembling in the beauty of a sinfonietta, sounds flows uninterrupted
    Let the singing pendulum to your mistress’s pleasure fall to the bottom, attached to the chipped illusionists mask of anticipation!

    To this dance the mascarade does not crack in the shadow of sound,
    A wise scholar would not sacrifice one topic relevant to learn to the passing time, to her students unfortune that is, cast in pure grief,

    A wise conductor does the same with musical notes, the story flows,
    With the moon high in the sky, time stands in her way, questioning her to dance with the devil amongst a distorted, whicked dark,

    But resillient to the end, tough and with no distraction taking her focus the director of this event finishes the creation of art, an orchestra

    A craftwoman of tempo and elegance always stands out after all, bringing the musical score to life.

    ~ Umi

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