Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Make space


All the good in the world

Flows in to your life

In a simple act of making space

For positive intentions

By subtracting the negatives

In mindful awareness

And consistent practice…

Life begins to shift for the better.

Make a positive intention now!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

8 thoughts on “Make space

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy i Danced The Day my Father Died
    i Danced While My Mother Slowly Passed Away in Grace
    of 8 Days Without Food and Drink The Most Natural Way
    She Went in Hospice Care As the Doctor Said Most Folks

    Usually Go in 3 Days
    Yet She Held on For 8 Days
    As the Doctor Said She Had
    An Unusually Strong HeART

    It’s True It is the Positive SoUL Energy
    Of Love That Keeps Our HeART SPiRiT Strong

    She Had Suffered With Cancer For Two Years
    That Spread to Bones And Finally to Her Brain
    With Bleeding Cancer Before She Only Took A Bayer
    Aspirin Now And then Through All Those Two Years
    of Pain Just Relating it to Arthritic Pain and Two Days
    Before She Went into Hospice She Beat My Sister At

    A Scrabble

    Game So She Got
    to Live From the Beginning
    Fully Till the Very End mY FRiEnD

    Dance Keeps Me Strong in Flow With Positive
    Strength of Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual
    Emotional More Right Brain Hemisphere Bigger
    Picture Intelligences mY FRiEnD Feeling Sensing the Unity

    oF ALL That is And No Separation of Love Is What i Always
    Gain By A Meditating Free FLoWinG Contemplating Dance mY FRiEnD

    And Haha, When Someone Tries to Shoot ‘Poisonous Arrows At me’ They
    Dissolve in A Pool of Sweat Dance Brings Now Just Like ‘The Wicked Witch
    Of The West’




    Toward the End
    of the ‘Wizard of Oz’
    Movie “Click Click Click”
    Fred is Back Home iN LoVE mY FRiEnD…:)


  2. Life is beautiful
    All of life rings true
    When we cast out negative thoughts
    To replace them with better ones

    Some will say, that is a license to do
    But only to so Good
    And not Bad

    So, take hold of thoughts
    For they hurt you first
    And when rehearsed
    Others will be involved

    To love others
    Is an indication
    That we were first


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  3. With each new task:

    I see a wall that must be climbed
    To negate the obstacles
    That prevent the motion
    We must share Life
    We must assist whomever we can
    As we share the good
    So will come the other stuff
    Knowing in time knowledge will come
    But, knowledge alone is not enough
    We must teach to understand the why
    We must be servants to all who come

    Teach them how to feed
    Show them the way
    Leave the rest up to their desire
    A days worth
    A weeks worth
    A months worth
    Is all up to their appetite
    Teach so they can do it right
    Teach so they can see
    Bow down to show them
    T^me after t^me

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  4. Thank you, Savvy

    My negative word for today is “Glass”
    Until I cast it aside and my eyes are opened


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