Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

One World


The world is beyond what we assume

There are no labels on earth

There are no maps drawn

All that we believe is what we have created for ourselves

We may have different names

We may create different countries

We may call ourselves citizens of one land

But earth knows or cares not of your distinctions of race gender or creed

It knows not rich or poor

Nature knows not class or caste

Wonder what are we so set about ?

What makes us so full of opinions?

In fact if we only could see and a acknowledge

The earth in all its beauty

There are different seasons in different places

Yet our world is not about differences

For under the sky and sun

We are one, life is vulnerable and beautiful in all its unique ways.

When we care to see diversity as a strength

We would be more caring of our mother earth.

And we would see our earth as one and only world we have.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “One World

  1. You Know/Feel/Sense How i KNoW God Exists

    All The Poetry That is Connecting

    Each Day i Come Into Contact

    With Always With

    A Similar

    Theme of

    Message That In One

    World And A Few Words

    Just Like Magic Savvy Summarizes

    Like She Reads All The Thousands of

    Words i Write Before i Come Here Each Day

    This is Spirit This Is Soul This is HeART With No Bounds

    How God


    And Guides

    Within Now

    Out of All Distance
    Space, Time and

    Matters Yes

    Us All Together

    As One Spirit

    When We Seek

    And Find Free As Love Flies With Wings..:)


  2. It is interesting when a plural becomes a singular.
    Somehow we begin to think we instead of I
    So many for so long have taken advantage
    Humanity has drifted. It finds difficulty in the land of we.
    Yet, I say if inclusion dictates and does not include gain
    Then it is not for mankind. I choose business – I choose marriage
    I choose the things that bring pleasure or gain into life
    Yet, I acknowledge the sanctity of earth It is here to feed me
    My family and my children’s children should benefit
    To Love and honor God’s creation.


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