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Making peace with the now


On letting go ….

Making peace with the now
Very easy they say
Follow the breath
And peace flows
We all know
That it is quite a task
To be consistent
That’s how life is!

Such is truth in itself
In this now
As every moment
Gives in to the new
We are meant to be
To learn and unlearn

Our senses
Our emotions
Challenge us in the changes
Our system takes a toll
Our beliefs turn around
In soul searching ways…

And then we learn to see
The moment as it presents itself
All judgements & assumptions
All prejudices & preconceived notions
All fade away into the oblivion

We live in this moment
In engagement again
But with this now
Without forgetting what’s gone
But forgiving times by gone
For only then we make space
For peace to flow in…


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Making peace with the now

  1. Truly In Thoughtless Effortless
    Flow Gifts Spring Forward Savvy

    From the

    Void Always

    Full of Meaning

    And Purpose

    We Never



    Before In too
    Many Ways to

    Describe That Seem
    To Breathe Life in a

    UniVerse Free Describing Us

    Now So Deep In Flow So Guided

    Within Now A Certain Melody and

    Rhythm of Movement Gliding

    Into A Karaoke Bar Before

    And After A Flow of

    Dance That

    Never Really

    Ends Before or After

    The Dance Now Just Taking

    A Random Snapshot of a Screen

    Continuing A Story Currently Writing

    Yet the Magic is Finding Holy And Sacred

    Meaning and Purpose in All We Encounter

    In Life A Practice of Higher Human Existential

    Intelligences indeed

    For It is

    Essence of

    The Feeling

    And Sensing

    Of Holy


    Sacred That
    Takes Us New
    Places And Ways

    We’ve Never Been Before..:)


  2. I should look through your eyes
    Until, I can see from mine


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