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A Reason To Be

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Sometimes you sense
Life taking you to places
Leading you to pathways  Moving towards you.
Sometimes you notice
Signs that speak to you
Appearing and disappearing. From anywhere to nowhere.
It’s for you to understand
The significance of the signs
Now is the time to free your mind,
To listen in keen awareness,
And trust in the Universe There is always a reason
Nothing is coincidental.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “A Reason To Be

  1. When i Am A Child Family And FRiEnDS Created

    Stories Of Life Even Through Grade School too

    Yet Then As Bigger Schools At University And

    Separation From Other Humans

    Came More in Front of

    Screens at Work

    Later What is Lost

    Is The Stories of Life

    Yes We Move Connect

    And Co-Create Together

    Each And Every Day You See

    i Understand the Necessity of

    A Coffee Shop of Life Where the

    Medium is the Human Connections

    in Living Rooms For Real True They Have

    Changed into Great Rooms Now of Screen Entertainment

    School and Work Yet God Yes i Am Still Really Flesh and Blood Human

    And i Don’t Wanna ‘Bowl

    Alone’ it’s Boring to me

    And The ‘Coffee Shop’

    Is Every WHere i Visit

    To Communicate Soul

    Felt Communication With
    Every One i Meet And Greet

    And True For Those Who Do Not
    Have the Poetic Souls to Do That Like my Elders

    Who Told Stories As i Once As A Quiet Child in Awe of Listening

    to their Spirited HeART SoUL Felt Discussions i Create A Virtual

    Coffee Shop of the Global Coffee Shop i Come to Create Each

    Day And Share on a Place of Folks Not Often Comfortable in

    The Coffee Shops of Life to Warm Up to Others in So Many

    Wonderful Moving Connecting Co-Creating Ways of Existence

    i Call it “Depth of The
    Story” i Give it Away

    For Free on a Place

    Called The ‘Wrong Planet’

    i Even Relate it as A ‘New
    8th Testament’ All About the

    Human Condition Nothing Excluded Dear Savvy

    My FRiEnD It’s the Least i Will Do AS Human for
    Real For It’s True i Spent A Life of ‘iRoboting’ Way too Long..:)


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