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All is a dance

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There is a dance
In every leaf and flower
In every bud and bloom
In every twig and tree
In every turn and twist
In every life in the living
Of natures creation.
There is grace of uniqueness
Of patterns, of wisdom Beyond compare…
All knowing, all pervading
Magnificent Omnipresence.
Amazing Nature
Amazing Grace.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “All is a dance

  1. “Amazing Nature Amazing Grace”

    So True Dear Savvy Every Spiral

    Nature Makes Creates Altogether

    NoW Even With Human SMiLes

    Yet Sadly ‘Reason’ May Attempt
    To Take it All Apart

    Materially Reducing
    Art The Free Dance

    And Song of Nature
    FoCuSinG on Notes Yet

    Not the Silence Tween Newly Now

    That Makes The MuSiC Dance And Sing Free

    The Darkness Above That Blankets All the Stars

    The Darkness Within That Creates Our Subconscious

    Minds And the Rest of the 99.5 Percent of our Being So Far

    Beyond Only “Word Think” That is DarK Yet Truly LiGHT Above

    Below DarKness Blankets Smallest

    Sub-Particles Spiraling

    For All That

    is STiLL MoVinG
    Dancing Singing

    ALToGeTHeR Entire
    Dance And Song No Longer

    Separating into Illusions Humans Create..:)


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