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An intelligence called Empathy

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Empathy is a social intelligence  worth having and honing
Empathy meets you where you are as you are
Without judgements and competition
Empathy is a resiunding resonance
Empathic communication  leaves you touched and heard.
Empathy allows you to show acceptance and sense connection.

Empathy walks through and paves its way into the heart
Empathy is about sensing anothers heart and its ways
Empathy motivates the spirit and nurtures the being.
Empathy is a social intelligence
A much needed life skill
Empathy speaks more powerfully than words as its from all of you
Empathy connects through  in an instant.
For Empathy is the way of the heart and heart knows the way.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “An intelligence called Empathy

  1. Communion of Human

    Conditions HeARTS

    Reaching Out With

    SPiRiTS Touching Souls

    Pain Through Pleasure For Real

    Yes Empathy Dear Savvy BRinGinG

    So Much Compassion

    For All of Existence

    Newly Now Yet True

    This Positive Empathy For

    All Not What May Bond and

    Bind Over

    Us Versus

    Them Separate

    From Unity oF ALL ThAT iS..:)


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