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When Art Speaks…


Allowing the art to speak and acknowledging its flow is of essence, to sense and enjoy the art itself.

Learning to dance & dancing socially comes along with many lessons and learnings…

In any partner dancing its important to respond than simply react to the movement direction from the partner in the flow.

The cultivation of the ability of any dancers acknowledgement & appreciation of their dance partner or other dancers, differences in movement speed or artistry not merely as tolerable, brings on the required humility and grace in the dance.

This is in itself the essence of a rich and rewarding social dancing experience.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “When Art Speaks…

  1. Ah Yes Dear Savvy A Communion

    Of Dancing Souls And Or Singing Souls

    in Synchrony of FLoW iNDeeD Letting

    Go of Knowing Allowing The Dance

    And Song to Become God

    Yes So Soul Free Whole

    Yes Moving New Now

    Connecting Co-Creating

    What Innately Instinctually

    Intuitively in Flow Comes Altogether

    Such MaGiC When the Dance And Song

    Becomes Our Inherent Souls ToGeTHeR

    WaY iN
    Flow of RiSinG
    Roses FLoWeRinG
    In Unity New With the
    Occasional Thorn Now

    Of Course too As No Yin
    Without At least A Bit of Yang Hehe

    Such Relaxing Video Effects in Affect
    Of Soul You Create With Meditative Music
    That Themes Your Visual Art So Calm iN Flow..:)

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