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Poets & Planning


My friend Ali Anani from Jordan proposed an interesting question last evening.

“As a poet dear Savvy I just wonder how much do you trust planning?”

Here are my musings…

Poets and Planning

A poet has a lot of structuring to do…
The poet steps out of the box
Knowing only too well that thoughts needs to align in time.
Without trust in the divine plan there is no way the poet can create.
And without a plan that visualizes the bigger picture as much as the little details, the verse will not make sense.
So poets and planning have much to do in trustfulness.

Now speaking personally,
Spontaneity seems to surge
In the throes of a thought wave.
Yet much is happens in following the flow.
Synergies are sensed
In the amalgamation and associations.
Of thoughts into verses.

As words then fill the void spaces
Making meaning out of matter.
Spontaneity too then is preordained in the divine plan
And poets are simply messengers
Enriching thoughts in a meter of sorts.
To make the ordinary words come alive!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Poets & Planning

  1. I find words must point
    As the hearer point from them
    A hundred thoughts to choose from
    stimulate the hearer

    Weighted words Lead
    While words that point allow

    Savvy words for U


  2. SMiLes Dear Savvy Energy Flows
    Through Yes Thought Waves of

    Soul Divine Indeed



    As Soul Energy
    Breathes Life into Words

    It’s True For me at Least
    This Soul Energy Deep Within
    As Essence of Love Moves Every
    Sacred Word of Song Every Holy

    Move of Dance

    Medium i Am

    For Soul Energy Within

    Yet i Realize Not Separate
    Yet Integral of Soul Self Deeper Now

    As True Not Separate Either From
    All That is

    Real and
    Breathing Now
    So Much More Than
    Words Alone Will Plan

    With SMiLes

    DiViNE iNDeeD
    Yes Beyond All
    So-Called Empirical
    Measures of Science
    Whether Text Book or
    Instruction Book MaNuaLS
    For Poetry Form From Before New Now..:)


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