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Reflections in Rootedness


As the year comes to a close only to begin anew… a special thanks to all the people who send inspirations our way by their profound shares.

Recently my friend Christoph retweeted this post on Twitter commenting…

‘As above so below’

And it drew me to contemplate on the profound truths of reflections in rootedness of life and its myriad expressions.

Of the uncanny resemblance of the roots, branches in a tree to the nerves and vertebrae of mamals including man.

Of how our energy is a flow of potential endless patterns in possibilities.

Of reflections of resounding resonance in nature

Of infinite abundance in its manifestations

Of parallel dimensions & more beyond compare

In the spaces between the synapses

There is a plethora of profound truths

Awaiting our awareness

So much to explore and discover!

As above so is below

As outward so is within

Vast beyond belief

In faith and hope

Everything is envisioned..


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Reflections in Rootedness

  1. As IS A Tree Leaf

    Branches Veins



    Within Back to
    The Top of the
    Tree That is the Leaf As Well

    Reflecting Roots That

    Carry Nourishment

    Above After



    And Becomes
    Nourishing Soils

    Below Dear Savvy

    Living Trees Leaves
    Branches Roots NoW As Above

    One Force to Feed Us For All Freely

    NoW As You Dance Sing Living Life Lovingly!


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