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There is a pool


I received this beautiful forward years ago that I cherish. And I so enjoy seeing it every once in a while.

A few musings…

There is a pool
I often sit by
with my thoughts
In fact all of me.

Its a pool that inspires
Creativity in collaboration
Its a pool that invites
Connections in association.

A pool of collectives
That move me beyond
The rut of mediocrity
To an all expansive space.

A pool of equanimity
That keeps me balanced
A pool centered inside
That aligns it all to the core.

A pool is an interesting place, as it is allowing yet contained.The circle of thoughts, in a pool allow space of contemplation.

Without the hurry and haste, to sense the moment as it is.

Every now and then choose to sit with/by your own pool of peace sensing the peace you already have.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “There is a pool

  1. I like this:
    A pool that helps bring life to its fullness
    In peace and equanimity
    A pool that reminds and straightens
    The thoughts of life
    A pool of need and want that aligns
    The narrow passages


  2. Nature’s Art Lends me Feet
    Voice Hands And Pen There Is Nothing to Write About
    In Mind Yet Soul
    Yes Beside
    Within Calm Pools
    Poetry Waters Smooth💨

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