Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!



Why search for joy
When you have it all
You have power to create it
It rests with you.
Sense it in your heart
Express it with your smile.

If you ever feel unhappy
If ever you sense worry
If ever your sense of smell
Derails you and you feel lost
In a maze of confusion.

Relax and just put a hand on your heart
Know you have it all within.
For the way of heart is love
It will guide you back to joy!

A gentle reminder
To me and you
To smile from the heart.
And Live life lovingly!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. SMiLes Savvy i surely will relate to Finding
    Happiness When Smell And Taste goes Away
    for Before the Days of Covid-19 Some Strange
    Variety of a Cold Virus Destroyed my Sense of
    Smell And Taste In nuance beyond Bitter, Sweet,
    Salty And Sour Yes with all the memories of Emotions
    that of Course are Driven by these Integral
    Two Senses of Smell and Taste So
    Important to the Experience
    of our Colors in Emotions
    We Experience in Life
    Anyway From Spring
    to Interestingly Precisely
    on the U.S.. Solar Eclipse Day in
    the Latter Part of August in 2017
    Smell and Taste Came Back but oh
    NO not like Before everything had what
    i named then as A Doomsday Smell and
    Taste of Life but fortunately there are other
    Senses associated with Emotions in Life
    namely Touch, Hearing and Taste and
    Truly Even Proprioception Seeing
    Beyond Organs of Eyes to keep
    Coloring Nuance of Emotions
    More as Yes there are other
    tools Like words of Poetry
    too as Song of Soul
    Naturally comes
    This way as
    And Every
    Move With Colors Dancing
    Yes.. Lovely Ecstatic Moving
    Emotions of Life True..i had
    Already Been a Shut-in For
    66 Months with the Worst Pain
    Known to Humankind type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia, A Synergy of 19 Life Threatening
    Disorders as Whole that took even Memories
    of Emotions away then so that well prepared me
    for the Day a Cold Virus took the Nuanced Colors
    of Taste and Smell Away and even brought a Horrible
    ‘Doomsday’ Smell and Taste as All of Life was colored
    in Smells and tastes that way.. Smiles Friend The Smallest
    things We Take For Granted may indeed be the Largest Challenges
    when they go away or change into something Horrible we’ve never
    experienced before but we are blessed in effect of Enhancing what
    is Left to appreciate so much that we surely will get past most any
    Dark Side of
    the Moon
    And Not
    Only Feel
    Colors of the
    Full Moon but Beyond
    Rainbow Colors of Sunshine
    within to give and share freer than
    Ever before.. Life has many Lessons indeed
    From Dark Thru Light and Again this way for true
    during those 66 Months of what i describe as Real
    Shut-in Hell pain so intense i lost effective Use of Sight
    And Hearing as even the pleasure of Touch too Numb
    And Pain And Pain And Numb no escape just eternally
    now then
    yet change
    is the Savior
    The Greatest
    Gift of All How
    We Adapt to Struggle
    in Dark and Color Life
    More As Heaven than ever
    before i always tell this true
    story whenever i have the opportunity
    for when i was in those other places there
    was no one who could relate at all to what
    i was going through then.. i never discount
    the Possibility that someone whenever i tell
    this story may experience some of this in life
    and perhaps it might just give them enough
    hope to carry on another Second of Life for it is
    true through that entire experience of what Science
    Casually Refers to the Suicide Disease among the other
    Disorders in life threatening synergy too.. i never knew
    if i could make it one second more with no actual Emotion
    of Hope at all what i found is the Shadow of our Reptile Brain
    For Base Survival is indeed the Greatest Gift oF aLL for it may
    Be all we have left to get through the Next second Just the will to SURVIVE
    BLESSED in so
    many ways
    indeed We aRe
    Evolving Billions of
    Years all over to get to
    this Point We have Naked
    Born on Wealth that We often
    do not See until all the Cultural Clothes
    of Culture as Tools We Become Do Come Lifted
    As Veils oF iGnorance to See All of the Potential
    Within iN Change We Are Gifted With Now usually
    A Person does not come to a place of Great Light
    Without the Equivalent in Dark when Light is Giving Free..:)

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