Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

You decide.


Living well is a choice you make!

Live vibrantly without uncertainty

Take the step to make a choice

With all your heart and mind.

If you don’t take your decisions

Some one else will.

Better you make it a point

To trust your decisions

And keep the faith.

More you will live without fear

Its your life after all!

Begin to love life.

And live life lovingly!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “You decide.

  1. Beautiful reminder! If we don’t love our life who else will?

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  2. SMiLes iN A World Of Sidewalks
    Angles And Squares of Buildings
    Bringing Order

    To Wisdom

    of Art

    The Chaos

    Magic of



    YeS iN A World

    Where Lines on Pages
    Often Only Spread Left
    And WRite on Sidewalks

    Too THere Are Still Butterflies
    Out of Cocoons Fluttering

    For Life’s Breath

    Free With

    No Reason

    At All Yet

    To Color Life

    More As The Wind

    They Are These Wings Free

    Amazing Grace Flows From

    Within All the Gift of Wings

    For Every Human All of

    Existence to



    to Dance

    And Sing This

    Breath of Life CoLoRinG..:)

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