Savvy Raj

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Pools of Perception


Where there is a pool
There are ripples
Each creating a pattern
Of its own making.

Creating chaos
Creating Confusion
Stay patient keep calm
Trust in time.

Clarity arrives in time .
When the ripples settle
Everything is seen
Envisioned ‘As it is’.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

13 thoughts on “Pools of Perception

  1. Yes.. this is nice…😊💕

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  2. A state of being present. Observing the happenings, everything as is. Nice illustration

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  3. Smiles what is still Moves
    For All the Muscle Fibers
    Twitching namely to keep Us
    Still true the Ascetics of a Yoga
    Pose to overcome the Nature of
    Move Yet At core it Fails for it’s
    True as Ocean
    Waves Calm
    They are
    Water True
    Essence All Ocean
    Dance Song is Next..
    More Particularly A
    Calm Wave is only What
    We Do not See of Waves Within..:)

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  4. Savvy Raj… I love the choice of the word envisioned…
    Even through the ripples and in the calmness we see what we need to see…
    Through the natural world a thousand avenues can be formed to receive what we need…
    Our hearts are delicate and pure – to our own way of being…

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  5. Emotional love we must meet in the doorway’s between
    But through the heart we my travel freely between both realms

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  6. Your desire must lead the heart. Because, your heart leads you…


  7. To lead and follow the tunes of life,
    Heart and mind play their game
    So much to envision in the perceptions


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