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Point of intersection
Sacred and sacrosanct
To the evolving
In thoughts ideas or deeds.

In making and breaking
In marking or masking
In chanelling or containing
And changing in the exchanges.

The element of space
Creates the challenges.

Emergence of a point or idea
Creates ways for the dance of evolution
Moving it towards convergence
What matters is the path and the way
It chooses to do so.

In intention and contention
Significance of its impact
Matters to the whole
In the freedom lost and gained
As a means to an end
Or in a journey of wonder.

In this dance
Of emergence and convergence
Containing and contracting
In nullifying on impact
Or expressing and expanding
In projecting the possibilities
Creating scope to flourish or finish
Gradually or abruptly.

In the course of such a convergence
The meeting point then diverges
Into the experiences of the being
In thought and action
Creating a muscle memory.

To take off on its course
Treading over or gliding through
To new paths in the possibilities.
In birthing or bouncing off
The intersections create energy

Within and around
And in the spaces beyond
That continues to impact as waves
Deeply even in the subtlest of ways.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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  1. Excellent 👌👍✨🌷🌺

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  2. Hi Savvy Raj,
    I saw my photograph in your website ( the hand touching the water) but you don’t gave me my credts.
    I posted some of my pics on Pexels so people can download and cite my rights in the image. I’ll be happy if you do this 🙂 My instagram it’s

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    • Hi Isandrea . It is a beautiful picture.💙 And am truly delighted to connect with the photographer. I have cited the image credits to you and have also followed you on Instagram. Namaste.


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