Savvy Raj

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On Love


As love conquers you it blesses you in the knowing.

Make not a mockery of love

Serenade love and allow it to speak truth

Love surfaces from the depth of emotions

To mend you and this world to a better place.

As true love is eternal

Free as bird in flights of oblivion

Travelling in the abandon

Of the wilderness of the spirit

Yet bonded in the boundless infinity

Endless love a gift of grace

Acknowledge this treasure

Blending two souls in one

As a life loved is well lived… such a rare sight!

What a blessing it truly is….A love like that!

In realising the many miracles of life is knowing a love that can move the soul of our being. We can consider ourselves lucky to even have been touched by a love like that!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends and readers!!!

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

12 thoughts on “On Love

  1. Lovely! May Love Divine enfold you in her wings of Sweetness and Light, and bring peace to your heart…blessings and love to you, my friend!

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  2. Beautiful Savvy. Hope you enjoy your valentines day!

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  3. I adore this piece .
    So gentle and full of love

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  4. Thank you for sharing lovely thoughts!.. 🙂

    “You don’t love the person you can live with, you love the person you cannot live without”…

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  5. This is so beautiful, Savvy! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

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