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A blessing in disguise


On Sensitivity

Every life is unique

And each of us on this planet

Have different personality traits

Our heart and mind is wired

In infinitely different ways.

An acknowledgment of the uniqueness to life

Makes us understand how valuable we each can be.

A little sensitivity goes a long way…

Although people cannot be compartmentalised

There are many ways nature and nurture impacts

Some hardened by life in resilience

Some suppress their emotions

Causing imbalances within

Some sensitive to sense the subtler energies

And Some who wear their heart on their sleeves

Expressing emotions and feelings away…

It can be challenging

For they also hurt easily.

For they sense a flood of emotions

They are often extremely receptive

As well as empathic in their sensing.

And often quick to understand

Perhaps they are blessed with subtlety

Of perception & awareness

With a highly developed intuition

For they are sensitive & emotional beings

They are who they are as they are.

Sensitivity can be blessing in disguise

Yet Sensitivity makes us humane

In the way we relate with the world

The planet needs sensitive souls

Who care a little more

Who sense and feel in empathic ways.

Let’s never discount this gift & virtue

In these sensitive souls.

For how we sense and feel

Affects what path and actions we choose to take.

And the world around is but a reflection of who we are



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “A blessing in disguise

  1. SMiLes A Memorial
    Children’s Poem

    About Building

    Homes Out of Straw
    Sticks or Bricks Dear Savvy

    Three Little Pigs With Different

    Building Materials Indeed

    Finally Settling on Bricks

    For Best Architecture

    To Keep Big Bad

    Wolves From

    Blowing The House
    Down Yet of Course What

    They Left Out is Those Pigs

    Sensitive to Loving Touch Empathic
    Compassionate What Holds Humanity

    AS Home Together More Than Bricks Alone

    Will ever Do For What Good are Goods Without

    LoVE iN Peace

    For What

    Builds Humanity

    For Real at Essence More Than Form..:)

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