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Nature’s Wisdom

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This tree is uniquely shaped  and there is always a reason to be…

There is much in the pattern.
With angles that self-balance.
Supported in the shaping.
To survive the storm.
Swaying in the wind.
So full of spaces in between
To evolve and to grow.
With confidence of connection
Rooted in a solid foundation.
The tree find its own flow
Paving the pathway 
Manifesting  its uniqueness.
It finds its purpose of being.

Likewise to an organization
That grows steadfast in trust
In strength of the structure.
Spreading its wings in faith

For when the roots are strong
And potential is nurtured
In valuing the roots
In acceptance of the new…      There is freedom to expand.
With fresh perspective at play
Every leader owns an angle towards sustainability.
Great leaders may pitch great angles of perspective.
But a great team is formed by great people.
Like every living part of a tree is significant to the whole tree.
Every individual is valuable to the organization.
Every perspective matters to the cohesive whole.

A great read by my friend Ali Anani prompted me to write this post.

So much wisdom from nature in every form if we choose to see.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Nature’s Wisdom

  1. iNSPiRinG iNDeeD Dear FRiEnD

    Savvy We aRe All Leaves of And

    Endless Evolving New Trees Forest

    Whole Roots Below Meeting

    Winds That Carry

    Leaves So Far

    Beyond to Other Trees
    Still to Birth in Forest New

    Ways of Being More Every Leaf

    Holds A Tree Every Tree Holds A Leaf

    For Every Leaf We aRe All Real Trees

    Forest Whole



    With Newer
    Colors and
    Shapes of Leaves Still
    To Come Free to Play

    Taking it to the Streets We Complete Now

    Continuing Expanding Roots Covering Existence New..:)


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