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On flexibility

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An interesting epic story with profound thoughts

“Tongue in Teeth……”

Strolling through the streets of Lanka at night, Hanuman was taken aback when he heard the chants of Sriram coming from a home.

They were not loud but whispers through the windows.

Hanuman wondered who could be chanting my Lord’s name in the city ruled by Ravan.

The house had a cluster of Tulsi plants outside and the walls had signs of Sri Hari.

Just then a man opened the front door and came out chanting the Holy Name.

The Sky was Starlit and it was couple of hours before Dawn.

The man offered water to the Tulsi plants, while performing a Circumbulation.

Hanuman hopped and stood before him, folding his hands.

The man introduced himself as Vibhishana, brother of Ravan.

Hanuman asked

“It baffles me: you are a devotee and a Noble Soul.

How on Earth you live among the Demons? “

Vibhishan smiled and said

“Just as the tongue lives in the mouth with thirty two teeth biting and grinding, around it, not only does the tongue remain untouched, it enjoys all the taste”.

The very food that sits and rolls on the tongue is chewed to a pulp by the teeth and yet this snaky little thing escapes unscathed.

Only time it is hurt is when we have a lapse of mindfulness.


Philosophically the chief difference is, flexibility.

The tongue’s flexibility is the key to its longevity.

That’s why it gets the taste while the teeth get Root canals and Cavities

They fall too or pulled out!.

But no one loses their tongue.

The tongue teaches…….

Others may grind and bite but you can still enjoy life if you are flexible.

Everything will hurt less, bother less if we loosen up a bit.. then an Avalanche of Peace and Joy is triggered.

If you want lasting Peace and Joy, learn from your tongue and live like it. Befriend it. Tame it. It has a great bearing on your relationship.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “On flexibility

  1. FRiEnDS With Gravity

    iNDeeD Dear Savvy

    The Freedom of Wind

    The Flow of Water

    The Phases And

    Phrases of Moon

    That Humans May

    Co-Create Now For Sublime
    Beauty or Nightmares They
    Call on Coming For Real New too

    iNDeeD The In Between oF TWiLiGHT

    As Day Creates Night BReaKinG Dawn

    As Night Creates Day Change The

    Only Reality That Never Changes

    Flexibility Our Ability to Adapt

    And Maintain Balancing

    Force of NaTuRE ALL

    Or Not For Relative

    Free Will Is On Our
    Side When We Continue

    To LiGHT Up Life Free As
    Wind Sees And Waves Breathe..:)


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