Savvy Raj

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Reach beyond knowing


Have always fancied the flight of birds
Dancing with the winds soaring the skies.
To far off lands & destination unknown.
With th  spirit and soul free

And yet…

What has mere wings got to do with flying?
To most it would seem everything
For without wings there is no flight
But then to truly fly is to reach beyond.
Free of being bound!

Beyond knowing  is imagination
Imagination is a journey without wings
For with your thoughts you fly free
And tirelessly  into infinity
For wings may sense the weight of the journey
But heartfelt intention can take you afar
As far as you aim to go
Across dimensions of space & time.
Exploring  possibilities and more.

So it’s not what you have
But what you do with what you have
It’s all in your passionate will & intention
What you  choose to accomplish in time


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “Reach beyond knowing

  1. “Reach beyond knowing” So True
    Dear Savvy When After Sleep

    Births Words
    of Poetry

    Before When

    The Dance Becomes
    The Dancer The Song
    Becomes the Singer Yes

    The Wind Becomes the
    Birds And Flight Becomes

    Our Souls FRiEnDS With Gravity

    You Know i Have Asperger’s Syndrome
    on the Autism Spectrum Little Imagination
    Original For Decades For Creativity For Decades

    Yes 5.3 Decades Uncomfortable in my Own Skin
    Out of Sorts Except Walking Beside Another

    Human Yes my Wife anywhere

    In Public to Feel More

    Comfortable in

    my Own Skin

    Well That’s All Changed
    Now Since 53 With 15,333
    Miles of Public Dance and
    9.6 MiLLioN Words of Free
    Verse Poetry Yet if Anyone

    Asks me How i Do it or
    Where i Learned

    it i will only

    Say if i knew how

    i would have No way

    of Doing it as the Original

    Creativity Would Be Dead With
    Anyway Preplanning of Reasons

    As Words Come into Existence As
    Steps Do Free too When Dance And
    Song Follows Gravity Free in Balance

    FRiEnDS With Gravity Wings Now

    Are Inherent

    in Flight

    of Soul on Earth

    Hehe, People have often
    Asked me whatever it is
    i’m on they want some
    of it when i Dance All i Will

    Have to Say in the Case of Free
    Verse Poetry too i am The Dance And Song

    i’ve Lost The Other Part of my Mind Unless i Choose to Use it Now..

    True it comes in Handy Whenever There Are Rules to Enforce Again..:)

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