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Patterns Of Perception

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A dear friend shared an overflowing cup of inspiration my way and asked me to share a few thoughts.

Here are my reflections in a flow…

Patterns of perception.
Making sense of sensibility
Emoting in the experiences
Of life and living.

The cup of the heart pours…
Flowing through it reaches
The centers of cognition
And the mind begins thinking.

The cup of mind assimilates.
Gathering insights and ideas
Creating patterns of perception
Everything that is, is not all.

In all that it appears to be
There is always more
For infinite are the possibilities
In every moment of perception.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Patterns Of Perception

  1. Ah Yes Lovely Free Verse

    Poetry Here Savvy We Are So Much

    More Than The Current Sum of Our Thinking

    Vast Ocean Comes to Surface in Flow

    Opening the Doors

    To Expanding

    And Creativities

    Where Suddenly Sparks

    Come and Create AndEntire

    New Reality So Far Beyond

    What We ‘Think’ Is Time

    Distance Space And

    Matter For What
    Breathes Within

    Is Beyond All Measure

    This Mind of God We All Share
    And Tap into From the Foremorenow Now..:)

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