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On discernment


Discernment is a spiritual gift
As humanity stands perplexed
At times in the paradoxes of life
Confounded by challenges.

In the throes of confusion.
An ability to figure things out.
A clarity of purpose and reason.
An act of perception of the obscure.

An ability to be insighted and comprehend.
A sifting through to make sense of it all
Acknowledging the spirit of the soul
Meeting through both the head and the heart.

Discernment is a wonderful tool
In intervention than in criticism.
For the gift is an ability to distinguish
The truth, in the facades that may appear.
In understanding the real and unreal
The truths and the untruths
And everything in between.

When seen with dispassionate eyes
Beyond the mirrored existence
Shifting perspectives in the making.
Yet knowing simply all as parts of the same source.

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

8 thoughts on “On discernment

  1. Wonderful Savvy!! Have a nice day!!!

    Lord, give us discernment in the coming days,
    false teachers on the rise who try to amaze,
    with signs and wonders that don’t hold true,
    the only real miracles come from You. ….

    Gracie Compere

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  2. Discernment…is it an art or a science?

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  3. Thath tvam asi.l can relate the last four lines with this Maha vaakya. Great thinking savvy.

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