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On Leadership


As a dance educator and trainer…while teaching and sharing social dancing skills one of the important learnings we work on is the understanding of the art of leading and following. Both very significant for any kind of partner dancing as much as in life itself. After all, life is a dance and dance imitates life!

In the first place, what does it take to be a leader? Many things but most importantly, a follower. So simply put, there must be a follower to be a leader. There can be no leader without a follower and there certainly would be no follower without a leader.

Dancing together is a lesson in leading and following in partnership!

In such a perspective both the leader and follower in the dance have a relevant role to play, that of completing the dance successfully and like so in life as well.

A dance can teach a lot about leadership and here are a few reflections on what it is to lead…

To lead is an opportunity to honour the trust of a follower.

To lead is to light the flame of inspiration to win the vote of trust of the followers.

To lead is to have a strength of purpose that inspires confidence.

To lead is to allow yourself to make decisions for others to evolve along.

To lead is to accept the responsibility of mistakes.

To lead is to maintain a decorum of standards unflinchingly.

To lead is to believe you can!

To lead is to be led by a greater purpose.

To lead is to value the laws of nature.

To lead is to value the need for self expression while respecting the need for structure.

To lead is to better the followers and not beat them down at every opportunity.

To lead is to be able to collaborate and learn just as much as to compete.

To lead is to denote respect and not expect overt attention.

To lead is to show the way for others to follow.

To lead to work tirelessly with a sense of inner commitment without hesitation without expectation.

To lead is to muster the resilience of the spirit.

To lead is to endow the spirit of courage in others.

To lead is take into account the potential of all possibilities.


Do share your take on leadership. I would be keen to understand how you see it impacting your life and work.

The strength of support and flow of movements while dancing together is based on the connection established and that marks the quality of leadership in question.


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Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

8 thoughts on “On Leadership

  1. Wonderfully expressed

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  2. Beautiful Savvy – so many dimensions of leadership – very inspiring. Thank you. 🌹

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  3. Life’s a dance you learn as you go
    Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow
    Don’t worry about what you know
    Life’s a dance you learn as you go.
    – John Michael Montgomery “Life’s a Dance”
    You have covered “leadership” very well. You put a lot of thought into this I can tell. You have mentioned a lot of things I had forgot. Comparing it to dance is ingenious. I love it.
    As far as my self I am more of a loner and I do not lead or follow. I have become disenchanted with “leadership” because I haven’t really looked at it from the perspective of dance.
    I have become hardened by following corporate and government leadership. They are both so corrupt and their leadership has more of a detrimental effect on their followers than helpful.
    I thank you for opening my eyes. I am going to have approach leadership from a different perspective.

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    • Thank you for one of my favourite quotes share! Truly Life is a dance …
      I sincerely value your reflections and comments. Yes often the perspective we may have at a moment is related to our experiences. In a way perhaps in sharing dance skills, this approach on leadership comes easier to me than the conventional one.
      And yes you are right, considering the poor examples of leaderships around us … we are bound to lose trust. Thank you for your kind appreciation of this interplay of thoughts on dance and leadership.

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  4. Well crafted good expression


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