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Puzzles are meant to fit


We may not know how or when
We may often question why
We may feel ousted by fate
Our sense of destiny is at play

But if only we could give
trust a little chance ..
For when the time is right
Every piece of puzzle fits in perfectly.

For puzzles are meant to fit.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “Puzzles are meant to fit

  1. They sure are, but we as humans can’t see the bigger picture as we are busy living in it. Good post.

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  2. We search for all the pieces
    Until we find those that fit,
    Searching for the right ones
    Until our lives come together bit by bit.

    Some pieces just come together
    While others are completely wrong,
    We move them all around
    Until we find where they belong.

    Bad feeling and resentment
    And other pieces that have no place,
    Our desire for happiness and contentment
    Are all our saving grace.

    We strive to find those pieces
    The ones that fit just fine,
    For now my jigsaw of life remains unfinished
    Until I make you mine,

    Searching for the best missing pieces
    To make my life complete,
    For you are the one I have been looking for
    A love so caring and sweet.


    Have a nice week Savvy!!!!

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