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The Spirit of Trees


I admire the spirit of trees
& want to live learning from it.

I want to be one with the tree
But I do not want to be a tree…
For if every man becomes a tree
Who would be there to nurture & witness their beauty?

Trees need us and we need them. There is synergy dancing between us.
As we care to nourish the nature around us.
We are nourished back by nature.

We are born to live along with trees
They are lifes longings for itself
Like our sons and daughters
They are fragile and strong
And share untold wisdom within
And live sharing themselves.

They protect us with their shade
as much as they nourish us with their bearings.
In the strength of their interconnects we realise
The value in the interdependence.
They are because we are
We are because they are!

I deeply revere the spirit of these trees.

A bow down in gratitude to thee!­čÖĆ


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “The Spirit of Trees

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  2. They are magnificent beings ÔŁĄ

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  3. I have such a strong bond with trees. For me, they are like my relatives, and I am sure they are. I made a series of art quilts (small ones) years ago called “The Secret Life of Trees.” I may do that one again, because it would never be the same twice. I have always had a lot of fun and joy climbing the ones I could, sleeping under them at night in my sleeping bag, doing other art of what they present for me, as well as hanging art in them and prayer flags or other things that create additional beauty. And some of my most spiritual moments are spent with trees. Thank you for this beautiful writing. It truly inspires me.

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    • Great to know you are a friend of the trees …as well as reading about your quilt project inspirations
      Thank you for sharing this . I must share that I had the privilege of staying close to a forested area for three years recently and I fondly remember waking up each day to the pleasant sounds of chirping birds filled with gratitude for the calming moments in nature. During the monsoon months we would often find a peacock or two sitting on the branch of the trees adjoining our terrace. Spending those times so close to nature was a gift and I am truly grateful for it.

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      • Thank you very much, Savvy. Yes, treas are such a wonderful source of so many things we will always find pleasurable in this world. They are shelter for a number of wonderful creatures, and they also provide shelter for plants that need the shade to grow. I have often felt their spirits too. that is wonderful about the peacocks and the birds around you when you awaken. It is difficult to be near or under a tree and have a bad mood ever. That is very wonderful about the little birds and the peacocks too. All of these things are sacred, and all have their place in this world.


  4. Joyous message of interdependence ­čÖé


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