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Valuing Family

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In every relationship

Family, friendship or at work

All is a matter of values

We inculcate through life.

When it all starts from respect

And ends with respect.

There is dignity of being

In a world distanced in reality

By technology and internet

Increasing the screentimes

And enslaving people

There is much need

To use it to our advantage

Than be redundant with it.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Valuing Family

  1. SMiLes To Reach Out With the Familial Instinct

    And Spread it to the Rest of Nature

    Same Blood

    Same Body

    To Touch Deeply

    Sincerely With Most

    Respect And Least Harm

    Dear Savvy Sadly Some Folks

    Restrict This Love too Much And

    Even Make it A Tribal Competition

    Of Us


    Them However

    This is Also Instinctual

    And Survival For Maintaining

    Maximum Resources For Keeping

    On Living Day to Day For Real

    How Fortunate Are

    We to Ascend

    And Transcend

    The Lower Levels of

    Our Pyramid of Human Potentials
    As That Relates to LoVE iN Peace For
    All As An Art of Life Always Progressing

    With Cognitive Empathy For the Other With
    Deeper Colors of Emotional Connections too

    Moving Co-Creating ThiS Way LiFTinG Our World Up

    Dear Savvy
    Best Face to
    Face in FlesH And Blood Real As Well..:)


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