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On Nurturing

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It’s all in the nurturing
Plant a life in hope
Nurture seeds of compassion
Water it everyday  with kind deeds
Nourish the roots  with care  Enrich it with  love for life
What you plant in your heart becomes you
And you reap what you sow

Now the question  is what are you nurturing  in this now ?
And what do you want to nurture today?



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “On Nurturing

  1. Ah Yes Dear Savvy Even Science is Starting
    To Show Now That Roots Come to Play As

    A Part of A ‘Brain’ of Trees

    in A Kind of Consciousness

    Of Intelligence Much Different

    Than Ours Yet Still Learning to

    Find The Best Paths to Spread Roots to Survive

    And Yes

    Thrive and Yes

    Other Plants Are Similar

    too And Even Slime Mold

    God Yes Has the Ability to Learn

    And Even Retain the Memories

    of Learning if a Piece of the Slime

    Mold Is Cut Off And Grows Another

    Being This Way With Memories That

    Come Without Even Any Neurons of Brains At All

    True Like the American Indians Still Relate From

    Where i Live

    All Of Nature

    Is A Great Spirit

    Comprised of Parts

    Unique Yet Parts of the

    All in All That is All That is Existence Newly Now

    Oh Yes So to Nurture A Sapling Tree Oh Yes

    To Water The Leaves of A Small Plant

    So True To Do This is to Nurture

    God All in Part

    mY FRiEnD

    Each And Every
    Day With Every
    Dance And Song
    Free oF Feeding
    And Watering ‘God’
    We Do WiTH LoVinG SMiLes iN Peace..:)


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