Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Can you help the world thrive?


If you can help the world you influence thrive…

Then you are a true leader

In being a leader

There is an unspoken responsibility…

Of creating a space for growth & acknowledgement

Of ideas and explorations

Of possibilities in the potential

Of development of the individuals

Of nurturing the spirit in patience and strategy

Of accountability of the purpose.

Of ensuring discipline and compliances when needed

Of using appreciation as an evolved method of correction.

Of empathy in thoughts words & action for the followers.

When the leader practices

All of the above consistently in time

Then all the directive of such a leader

Gets understood and supported in kind by the followers

And that is when managing change becomes easier for the leader

For all begin to thrive in this way….

And thats when leadership becomes an art.

And life thrives.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Can you help the world thrive?

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Yes So True Now
    Real Heroes are Leaders Who Help

    All Human Beings Thrive
    Gardening Each Precious

    Plant Realizing Colors
    Blooming Still to Come

    Have No Limits As Long
    As we Raise People Up

    As High As We Lift ALL Our Worlds..:)


  2. As one thrives and gives its essence to another
    So is the circle of success
    We learn lessons from others
    But the fruit comes as you continue on your own
    We must learn and do
    Learn and do

    As age progresses it is the more needed


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