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Your Calling


Speaking of my passions…

As for me beyond traveling, learning, writing, reading & writing & sharing a few musings every day, it certainly is a mix of different things…

From creating Art to Painting, Training Consultancy, Ballroom Dancing ,Volleyball, Poetry, as much as conversations with people. Infact I am passionate about whatever work I am doing in the moment. I have enjoyed giving it my full attention with all of me.

Everything connects

Every day is full of new learnings in whatever one does. And have often sensed the strength of the interconnects in these passionate pursuits.

Have had many personal experiences where I have sensed how in the he heart of the arts is all science and the core of science is all art.

Whenever I have dedicatedly pursued any work or hobby with passionate perseverance I have found that I have all the patience at my disposal to nurture what I do… Life is far more interesting and even bearable as you are driven by your calling or purpose. Am sure you can relate to this somewhere in your life.

Would you care to add a few of your passions?


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “Your Calling

  1. This is a good reminder to get started on my next book. I am passionate about writing for and helping youth. ❤️

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  2. SMiLes Dear Savvy THere WaS A Day

    WHeRE Clouds Were Only Hot Grey

    And Humid With No Colors

    i Knew That Wasn’t

    Always the Way They
    Looked And Felt So i Transformed

    Them Into A Different Painting With

    Endless Colors To Feel And Sense mY FRiEnD


    Yes THere
    Is ‘He’ For


    Of Material Reductionism

    Yes Only Grays of Clouds
    Only Unrelenting Heat And

    Humidity Yet There is Also

    ‘Art’ That Adds to He of Rationality

    Creating A Yang And Yin of ‘HeART’

    WHeRE More Responsibly Art

    Fits Into 60 Percent of the Yin

    With Yang Reason 40 Percent

    ParT oF heART Dear Savvy

    For Art is A Fine Mix

    of iMaGiNaTioN

    And Creativity

    Expressing Endless

    Potentials and Possibilities

    As Deep As DarK Matter in Space

    We Cannot See Of Our Subconscious Minds

    That Do Exist As the Ocean Quiet Yet True Ruler
    of Most of What We Do or Do Not Do In Life mY FRiEnD

    The Inner Journey
    Our iMaGiNaTioNS
    All Of Our Creativities
    In Potentials and Possibilities
    As Our Dreams Come to Fruition

    Dear FRiEnD What Makes MoNSooN

    Paradise Within Now So Yes to Paint The Cloudy
    Skies the Storms The Ravaging Waves All the Poetry
    Song and Dance Prompts of Life Moving, Connecting,

    Co-Creating, This is My Meaning Purpose of Life Coloring The World

    Loving, Giving, Sharing, Caring For All With Least Harm And Least Fear Now

    Painting All Worlds New Colors i’ve Never Felt Sensed Before Each Word
    of Sacred Song Springing From Each Move of Holy Dance mY FRiEnD…

    And What Will Be Left is the Shore Lines of my Soul Spiraling Ocean



    Wave Dancing

    Singing Free mY FRiEnD

    AnYWaY Thanks For Asking

    And What Does ‘He’ Reason and

    Science Do Clothes This Art Essence

    For Some Others at Least to Mutually

    Feel And Sense And Even ‘See’ For Real mY FRiEnD…

    Other Than That i too Enjoyed Volleyball in School…

    SMiLes Sadly there isn’t Anyone Even Interested in Playing Tennis

    Now And Folks Bowl Alone More Instead of Playing In Leagues

    So Instead i Connect

    To Bloggers

    All Around

    The Globe Thanks

    For Meeting me at

    The ‘Tennis Court’ Today Dear FRiEnD…

    Your Serve Next Savvy Again Like Over A Year Now
    Each Day As We Truly Have Joy Never Keeping Score…

    And This Is What i Love Best about Blogging (“Living
    Life Lovingly”) Most Yes Cooperating Leaving All The Competitions
    Behind Now Just Expanding Our Soul Depths Shore Lines of Our Oceans Each Day..:)


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