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Once upon a time


Once upon a time

Long long ago

In a far away land

Was a sweet little child

Who used to have a fairy tale book

Read to her by her dear mother

Every night as she was tucked into bed

She would hear a story from her mom

But there were clauses to this plan.

It was a given thing between the two

The story had to have a happy ending

The story includes people and animals

Or even a garden of fruits and flowers

Enchanting stories of courage and dare

Of compassion and care

Of humanity at large

In goodwill and love

Or even seemingly silly stories

Of life and living in general

Of fun and frolic.

But there was a pact between the two

Which her mother followed to the tee.

Simply there was one area

The story must not go to or be

Of things above in the sky.

Although her mother was too drawn

To explore the mystery of space…

But the little girl felt a little too lost

To fathom space and beyond

May be it was just her nature

Or perhaps there was more to it

Of why she was uncomfortable with unknown space!

Leaving a few musings in contemplation…

Are fears rational or just an illusion in the making?

What are irrational fears?

Are they there for a reason?

Do fears manifests from past lives?

Do fears eventually help us someway?

How does one overcome these fears?

Can we grow out of our little fears?

Do you have any experience of fears as a kid?

Have you chosen to outgrow them?

Have you managed to face your fears?

For life awaits on the other side of fear!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

11 thoughts on “Once upon a time

  1. Beautiful.. 😇👌🏼👌🏼💕

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  2. A lot of questions to contemplate………as per me I feared all four legged creatures …dogs …cats …rats but as I grew spiritually I started seeing soul in them they too are source of the same as us ……. I have been able to conquer that fear

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  3. Well written!❤️
    Fears are a contemplation of past. A human nature of being in a comfort zone always gets the better of us no matter stepping out would be good or bad. We just don’t wanna be gritty. Have felt that only so far.

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    • Thank you for your reflections Samyak Singh . Yes, A step in dare may be all it takes to change the equation. Yet it often may seem to be unsurmountable.
      For fear clouds judgements because of assumptions or personal past experiences.
      However time moves on and changes things … And time is a great teacher of letting go . Nothing lasts forever after all. Fear too may diminish with time and in defocussing from it and seeing the bigger picture of possibilities beyond fear.


  4. Brilliant! What a wonderful way to make your readers think through the most important questions (of life and and beyond). Loved the art of your story telling and the deep rooted messages . I look forward to your blogs 🙏😇💕

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