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And when the spinach leaves curl…


Every movement is a sign
That denotes something.
There is always a reason why
Nothing is just accidental.

My terrace garden plan
Started with growing a pot of spinach
While the first few weeks
There was a bountiful green…

As they grew some more
The foliage got a little dense.
It perhaps was overcrowded
It harboured a certain dampness…

Perhaps the spinach leaves curl
In lack of space to accommodate
In so doing they become vulnerable
To infestation in distress.

Any sign of curling
Is a contraction
For self protection
From the ravages in living life!

There is always remedy to heal
In going back to basics
In caring to correct the ways
In allowing space for growth.

Let there be space around
For the leaves to breathe in
Regulate the water intake
Harvest them at the right time.

Growing plants teaches many lessons
Worth applying in life and living.
The choice is ours to take
And choose to optimize in the changes.


In continuation of the series

Lessons learned from the Three Pots

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

21 thoughts on “And when the spinach leaves curl…

  1. Oh I love this — the post, the story, the pic of the spinach leaves – the pot looks so beautiful in green abundance! did you use spinach seeds? i also want to grow spinach and we have a little space outside our house and a balcony too – i had a dream of growing spinach and cooking it and serving it as Bhog to my little Gopals…..feel like they are nudging me with your post and reminding me! 🙂 Thank you wondrous Savvy for your beautiful presence.

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    • This is the third lesson in learning for me in this series which started with the Three pots. 🙂. Yes I have used Spinach seeds. So happy to read your response…
      If you have space around your house it would be wonderful to grow plants there. Wishing you the best for your new endeavor. I am sure your kids would love it!!! Thank you so much for your lovely reflections….🌿🙂🌱

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  2. So beautifully you have said it in your lovely poetry, Savvy and nice to see them growing so beautifully with love and care.

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  3. Love this dear Savvy, the way you made the Three pots and the wisdom filled poems accompanying them over these days 🙂

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    • Thank you Krishna didn’t know that I would be writing about these three pots this way when we started planting them. Nature is so giving if we care to receive. Thank you Krishna for being with me in this endeavor in support and encouragement. Truly appreciate it. 🙏

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  4. While you are nurturing the greens, your beautiful and thoughtful lines are made my thought process in a positive way. Abundance of green and positive vibes . Love you dear savvy.

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  5. When I was a kid, I really liked this vegetable, especially with the milk and potatoes. Now, I’m trying to be a special type of own made vegetarian, that excludes eating anything that was once alive…

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  6. Liked by 1 person

  7. Both pic and poem Is perfect


  8. During my childhood days we had our own field of greens.It is called keerai paathi in Tamil launguage.My grand father and my father used to cut them out with a sickle and my mother cooked it into a heavenly dish with only salt asafoetida and virgin coconut oil.your visuals Kindle my memories of those golden days.Thank you my dear saavy.

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  9. Pls read it as language.


  10. Spinach in pot.. that looks stunning and yes a initiative… I always wanted to grow these..

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