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Striking a balance

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Passion or profit
It’s a juggling  act
If you put one before the other
You are bound to feel displaced
Between loving what you do and earning to your potential
Between self expression &  economics.
Both have the due place in our lives.
To sense harmony is to find your own  balance 
Between the two!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Striking a balance

  1. Oh Dear Lord Competition
    Tween Profits And Passion
    of Art Coming From SmART
    HeART iNDeeD Dear Savvy

    True the Original Definition
    of Scholar Means Gentleman

    Living Off Personal Means Away From

    Earning Cash For Living mY FRiEnD

    Just Pursuing Arts and Sciences

    For Human Improving

    Nothing Left to Take
    Hoard Harm in

    Callous Ways
    of Business
    WorldS Only
    Concerned With
    A Matter of Things
    Buying Selling iNDeeD

    Including Up to Human
    Soul of Creativity Originally

    True as Few Target Audiences For
    Bucks Have Tastes Outside What They

    Wanna Already Buy For Tradition of Their
    Desires and Needs

    THere is No Room
    For Profits in my

    Life Deep Soul i Buried That
    Financial God 15 Years Ago Yes

    Almost to Date Now in January Then With SMiLes
    iNDeeD i REaLize How Fortunate i am to Cover That Grave..:)


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