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Nurture the now

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Life gives life

Life takes life

Live heals life

Life hurts life

Life nurtures life

Life tortures life

Life can be powerful

Life can be powerless

At any one moment

Such is the truth of life

In the river of time

Youth ages in time

Life moves on

In every moment at hand

Realize the preciousness of now

Sense the bliss in the blessings

From hands that raise you

For time takes a toll

What was, is not going to be

What will be we do not know

What is now, make it matter

Practice gratitude

Practice appreciation

Practice thankfulness

In this now.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Nurture the now

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Indeed

    Nurturing The Baby New Year

    Always Now my Great Aunt Jettie

    Taught me A Most Valuable Lesson at 94

    In Hell at Age 47 When i Couldn’t Remember

    The Feeling of A Smile

    Without Emotions
    Even Though i Could
    Still Leg press 500 Pounds
    my Legs Felt So Weak Without A Soul

    Without A SPiRiT A HeART So Dead

    She Could Barely Walk With a Walker
    All Bent Over Yet A Smile That Sang

    Poetry of Memories of A Life

    Well Spent of Hers for Hours

    On End i Listened Without A
    Breath of a Soul Dead Word

    This is the Nurturing Lesson of A Smile

    She Taught me Best With A SMiLe We May

    Be Forever Young in Heaven on Earth Like Her Then For Real

    Without A Soul No Matter Age Yes We aRe the Living Dead That Way

    The Thought of GRoWinG Old is the Reality of Always Young With A
    Loving Soul For Real…

    Yet It’s True Perhaps

    i Wouldn’t Value a SMiLE
    That’s Heaven As Much as
    i Do to Give Share Care Heal
    As Much For All With Most Respect
    And Least Harm if i Didn’t Spend 66 Months in the Other Place

    True What was Once Curse Has Become A Never Ending Gift of Heaven

    Life is
    All About
    Perspective For Real
    Nurture A SMiLe Keep A SoUL Alive

    Never Let Wheels of Life Go Barren Again…
    As i Continue to ReTiRE mY Wheels With Fresh SMiLes..:)


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