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Evidence of simplicity


The evidence of simplicity
A moment of capture
Of ordinary things.
Without the facades.

Simple can be profoundly impactful
For in the very complexity of the matter
Resides clarity of the simplicity.
Simplifying the truth of purpose
In easily understandable ways.

So beyond the flourishes
And aggrandizement
Beyond the exuberance
And unnecessary buildups
Beyond the extravagance
And the ensuing distraction.

The path of simplicity
Needs no evidence
As simple gets across the message
Like no other.

What’s your path like?
What is your take on simple living?
Or do you dream of luxuriant living?
Has it changed or been affected by the years?
Have these times of uncertainty made a difference in the perspectives?
I would love to learn and understand more if you are willing to share your insights.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “Evidence of simplicity

  1. “Simple can be profoundly impactful” – this is so true. I was asked recently “what have you become?” It’s such a simple question, but after some reflection, it was harder to answer than I thought it would be. This question was something so simple yet touched something so deep inside me that I felt instant connection (so important during these times of disconnect and physical distancing.) Thank you for this post. It’s simple, but thought-provoking.

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  2. Simplifying sounds ironic to those who feel victims of lifelong deprived circumstances. Their loved ones who share the same external path are often intuitively in touch with the choices of our souls, and prayerfully silent about it. Thank you Savvy for this deeply lovely post. God bless you always dear. 🙏


  3. You say it well about the irony of it all. Such is life and living.Thank you Leon Hieros.
    God bless you too my friend. 🙏🏼
    And often in the depth of complexity of circumstances there is a solution awaiting in all its simplicity.
    In the heart of extravagance resides a simple soul. And in the most simplest of paths there is a possibility of great upheavals in time…
    And yes in the silence of simplicity there may be a choice to simplify the complexity for the heart senses the joy and the power of the simple.


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