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Appearance, they say, is deceptive.

A mirror shows what you project.

Smile and the mirror smiles back at you.

Frown, and your mirrored self frowns back.

A mirror is but a reflection,

An illusion of your perception.

You are free in choice and will.

And your mirrored self, an imprisoned version.

At best, a limited persona of your truly

Limitless self.

Know what you project onto the mirror

Is what the world projects onto you.

Yet, you can use your mirror every day

As your vehicle of self-confidence.

Send forth a smile with all your heart.

Every day look into your mirror

With a positive attitude

That you will make the best of what you are.


As you see yourself every day,

Believe you are perfect as you choose to be.

Your superficial imperfections cannot break your spirit

For your spirit is alive and kicking,

With much to do and make a mark.

Every moment is too precious to waste.

Add some self-love and spirit

While you converse with your mirror.

For its high time, indeed;

Make that mirror work for you.

Use it well to help yourself.

Turn yourself into a confident you.

Present yourself in the best possible light.

Believe in who you truly are and what you can do.

There is much power that is awaiting you.

So, meet and greet your reflection with faith!


Many of us may have had a love-hate relationship with mirrors at different periods of our lives. It is, however, the extremes of behaviour that one must bring awareness into. The mirror becomes a narcissistic tool of overt admiration bordering on self-indulgence. Then there are those for whom the mirror becomes a bane of their existence; it depresses them every time they catch their reflection.

Befriend the Mirror

Life is full of changes, and it certainly takes a whole lot of self-understanding to come to a place of comfort with your changing self in various points of life.

There is utter confidence in the brashness of youth; mellow musings find their way a few decades later, and then, we are overcome with resigned indifference bordering on self-negligence. Acceptance of the changing self than denial makes you befriend yourself as you are.

That is the game-changer. For then, you reflect the power of what is truly within.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

8 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Hats to the clarity with which u manage to see and put up the things as they are…👍🏻👍🏻
    Beautiful note

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  2. Hats off*
    A correction😊

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  3. Appreciate this reminder. I will smile next time I look into the Mirror, instead of avoiding it . Thank you, Savvy🌷

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