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Lessons from a Mirror


In continuation of my reflections on the Mirror, I came across this relevant piece on lessons from a mirror…

3 lessons mirror teach us.

1. It reflects things as it is , whatever stain or dirt in our face , it never adds or reduce it.

We should learn to show (whether it is our spouse, children, relatives or friends,)others merits or faults just as they are. Never exaggerate or hide just because of our prejudices. Never make mountain out of a molehill or viseversa.

2. The mirror reflects only when we are in front of it. Once we move away it becomes silent.

Learn to praise or complaint to the person directly when they are face to face . Never backbite. Appreciate them personally or talk about their defects that bother you in person, Never to a third person when they are not there.

3 The third lesson is we never get angry with the mirror because it is showing the stains or defects in our face.

Similarly when someone points out our defects we should learn to thank them instead of getting angry or hurt and try to correct our faults.

Next time whenever you stand in front of a mirror, remember these lessons.

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

18 thoughts on “Lessons from a Mirror

  1. This is really beautiful and also creative/original. Thanks for sharing, Savvy! I always look forward to reading your posts.

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  2. Beautiful and a unique way to express and inspire

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  3. Love these lessons. You are so wise and creative! Wow! Thank you. 🙂 Plus, they are easy to remember as we need to look in the mirror at least once a day, when we brush our teeth. 🙂


  4. The mindful mirror and a much mindful you😊💐💐👍🏻
    Thanku for sharing these pearls of wisdom

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    i mirrored your blog… i mean reblogged!

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  7. Beautiful lessons for a meaningful life through an object we see everyday but do not care to notice it!

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  8. The shloka we say when we offer mirror in puja — Darpanam vimalam ramyam shuddha bimba pradaayakam. Atma bimba pradarshanartha arpayami Maheshwari — We offer a darpanam (mirror), vimalam ramyam (pure beautiful) to show a pure reflection. In order to reflect my soul (atma) I am offering it to you, Oh Great Seer of All (Maheshwari). Thank you for your interest and inspiration. 🙂


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