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Flow with life!



Change is inevitable , but you are the one in charge of how the change impacts you.

Breath and Movement:

We are the sum of our individual parts There is no heart without our mind and no action without our sensing.

No two moments of our life are alike. Our body is made of cells that are renewed in time. Emotions and behaviour that we manifest are deeply integral to how we feel about ourselves and the situation at hand … so our movements are as unique as we are.

Cultivating an awareness of our own breath can give us much needed support and inner healing through the vagaries of life and living

Just make sure to sense your inner calm and be one with your breath no matter the situation you are in. That is the way you can gradually connect with yourself on a deeper level.

The more connected you are with your breath you gradually begin to relax in the moment.

Attuning your Breath and Movement

Let your breath  guide and lead your movement . Value the subtle energies of your own self that encompasses your own breath.

Sense the integration of your breath and your movements.  Breath gives your movement a shape and direction. So not only can you link your breath and your movement but also practise initiating your movements with your breath.

Your awareness will gradually increase of how your own inbreath (inhale)and out breath (exhale) are being used in your movements.  What powers and energizes your actions and what calms and assists relaxation. And how it can flow enveloping  and encompassing, connecting and complementing each other like an elegant dance!

Soon in practice you will learn to

‘Dance with it ‘


That’s how you learn to flow and dance with life!

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

14 thoughts on “Flow with life!

  1. Enjoyed reading this, now I could feel how you teach dance steps ! 🙂 By the way I must mention that the photo is just amazing.

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    • Yes I had that photo saved on my desktop for so many years as I related to it likewise as well . Thank you for your loving words Megala. It is simply a flow of passion that begins the journey … I am certain you will agree :))

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  2. Your post completely aligns with my experience and growth with breath.. and the reference to movement and dance… the dance of life aligns with my own blog..
    great write making a great read.. thank you..

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  3. This is a really inspiring piece! I love learning new perspectives from your blog 🙂

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  4. Very true. Change is the only constant.

    I like the post, helpful and precise. “Learning to breathe connects us To ourselves” nice

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